Water Units

Most of America’s water supply is of very poor quality, which we believe has a substantial impact on crop strength, as well as animal and human vitality. In fact, a lot of water is so hard that it reduces effectiveness of products by as much as 70%. Initially, when we tried different water systems, we were either not impressed by the performance, or the units were too expensive. At the beginning of 2018, we introduced a few systems (see options below), which we still offer today. We’re so happy with the consistent results, that we offer a four-month satisfaction guarantee or your money back. 

Aquamonics Water System / For All Uses

The Aquamonics Water System creates a specific pattern of flow needed to create a hydrating and energizing effect on anything that consumes or uses water. It doesn’t remove any minerals; it changes the form in which the minerals are present and makes them available for use.

The scale prevention feature prevents the scale buildup normally associated with hard water. It’s so effective that you no longer need a softener system. The Aquamonics Water System is specially designed so it won’t restrict the normal water flow making it ideal for almost all applications, whether in your cow stable, layer house, crop farm or home.

  • Dairy
  • Produce
  • Chicken

Reverse Osmosis - Commercial Use

The Reverse Osmosis Water System uses RO technology to remove the bad minerals from the water, resulting in a cleaner water molecule that can adsorb and carry other minerals needed in a much more coherent fashion.