Potting Soil

Our nutritional management program helps commercial fruit and vegetable farmers produce disease- and insect-resistant plants.

Keystone Greenhouse Media

It has long been thought that any potting soil will work for starting plants. However, this changes when farmers want to produce exceptional crops, because commercial fruits and vegetables that yield well and are disease- and insect-resistant are only produced when they have adequate nutritional support. 

As regenerative agriculture consultants, we recognized the potential that plants have, realized that:

  • Strong plants are resistant to diseases and insects.

  • Most plants produce on 20% of their inherent potential.

  • Plant growth is limited by energy, not time often limited by Phosphorus)

  • Seeds germinate and emerge very consistently when started in the right environment.

  • Aeromaster Humus Compost regulates water use, limiting water logging.

We formulated the now popular Keystone Greenhouse Media with these principals in mind, determined to make it easy to start plants by providing all the nutritional support that plants need until they’re transplanted. Our research never stops.