Plant Nutrition Products

Our nutritional management program helps commercial fruit and vegetable farmers produce disease- and insect-resistant plants.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow vigorously and prosper!

Accelerate™ - Fruiting Energy

Fruiting energy is limited by reproductive minerals and photosynthesis. When plant photosynthesis and fruiting energy requirements are met, yield and quality potential can increase substantially. 

Accelerate™ is a nutritional plant additive that positively affects plants’ reproductive signaling chemistry to help markedly increase the quantity and viability of buds, flowers and clonal tubers.

Accelerate™ is comprised of bio-available manganese, multiple strains of seaweed and SeaShield™ (salmon, crab and shrimp shell), and provides ample cytokinins, gibberellins and manganese, with nominal amounts of nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and trace elements from oceanic organisms.

Key Factor Balanced Nutrient Package

A very powerful formula that really makes crops perform. It is a blend of the following AEA products: Rejuvenate, Sea Crop, Sea Stim, Sea Shield, Planter Solution, Manganese, Iron, Copper, and Cobalt.

HoloCal™ - Chelated Calcium

Calcium is integral to the leaf and stem structural components of plants. Low calcium levels lead to other nutrient overloads. Low calcium levels result in poor fruit quality, softer fruit, which bruises easily, and crops, which do not store well. Growing commercial fruit and vegetables with exceptional shelf life and storage quality is critical to making the most money from a crop.

HoloCal™ provides this mineral in a form, which the plant can transfer very quickly through the entire plant system into the fruit.

HoloK™ - Chelated Potassium

Fruit size and quality is king for achieving high yields and making money in commercial farming. Developing large and firm fruit without defects is directly dependent on a generous supply of potassium after the cell division stage. When fruit development shifts to cell expansion, potassium becomes the transport pump that moves sugars into the fruit. Low potassium levels at this stage will result in smaller fruit or grain kernel, lightweight fruit, hollow heart, as well as many other fruit quality and storage problems. 

HoloK™ can be applied in irrigation systems or as a foliar to quickly supply potassium for the highest yields.

HoloPhos™ - Chelated Phosphorus

Plant growth is limited by energy, not time, which is why crops can be harvested much faster in some environments than others. Phosphorus deficiencies slow down plant growth more drastically and frequently than almost any other nutrient. When ionic phosphorus fertilizers are added, they suppress symbiotic microflora in the rhizosphere and create a dependency on soluble phosphorus applications in the future.

HoloPhos™provides phosphorus in a form similar to those produced by soil microbiology for rapid plant growth and microbial development.

HumaCarb™ - Nutrient Stabilizer

Soluble nutrient fertilizers are very unstable and can be leached out of the root zone or become complexed by soil mineral very quickly. This is especially the case for anions such as nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, as well as for trace minerals, which can become complexed in soils very quickly. Stable humic substances such as those found in HumaCarb™ are well documented to stabilize nutrients in the root zone, and reduce potential fertilizer loss, as well as enrich soil and enhance soil microbiology. HumaCarb™ can be tank mixed with nutrient applications to improve fertilizer use efficiency and crop performance.

MicroPak™ - Trace Mineral Pack

Trace minerals play many key roles in NPK uptake and plant vigor / quality. MicroPak™ is a carefully formulated and unique blend of micronutrients containing boron, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, and sulfur in a form which can be readily absorbed by plants. Now you can apply them all at once without mixing seven different products. For high quality individual micronutrients, go to Rebound Micronutrients.

PhotoMag™ - Protein Synthesis

Plants which contain high levels of soluble nitrates and amino acids are often susceptible to different types of disease pathogens. High levels of soluble nitrogen compounds accumulate in plant tissue when they are not being metabolized properly because of nutritional imbalances. PhotoMag™ has been formulated to contain all of the nutrients which function as enzyme cofactors for nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis, allowing plants to form complete proteins.

Rebound™ Micro-nutrients

Trace minerals play many key roles in NPK uptake and plant vigor / quality. Rebound™ Mineral Micronutrients are made with a unique process that enriches soil and maximizes plant availability.

Application of Rebound™ products can be used to gain a rapid response from essential elements. Foliar applications of these products may be particularly beneficial during periods of peak nutrient demand for crops grown on soils having poor nutrient availability, or for crops suffering from a weakened root system. Rebound™ products are effective and safe for both soil and foliar applications. Rebound™ minerals can be used on a certified organic plan. Verify with your certifier before using.

Rejuvenate™ - Biological / Compaction Remediation

Rejuvenate™ is an energy-packed food source for soil microbial communities. Rejuvenate™ contains complex carbohydrates, liquid humates, and other powerful compounds that both benefit soil biology and sustain growth over time. Such a dramatic increase of soil microbial populations is a key component of disease suppressive soils that can grow crops resistant to soil-borne fungal pathogens, and provide plants with a high quality source of energy during the growing season. 

Rejuvenate™ plays a key role in our fall nutritional management programs because of its ability to quickly break down crop residue and aggressively enrich soil structure and drainage. 

SAP Test

Plant Sap Analysis enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency in farm crop nutrition.

Plant Sap Analysis was developed in the Netherlands in 2002 by NovaCropControl and Crop Health Labs is the North American supplier of the technology. For more than 10 years, Plant Sap Analysis has provided growers with unique nutrient data measuring 21 nutrient parameters for testing that enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency. The tool improves efficiency and production and is available to farmers, crop advisors, input providers and agriculture researchers. Crop Health Labs’ proprietary Plant Sap Analysis is the industry’s most comprehensive sap analysis report available conducted in a lab setting.

SeaCrop™ - Low Salt Ocean Mineral Complex

SeaCrop™ is derived from ocean water and is produced using a special process that removes most of the sodium while maintaining the plant availability of the minerals common in nutrient-rich ocean water. SeaCrop™ is loaded with magnesium, an enzyme cofactor vital to the formation of chlorophyll and efficient capture of sunlight.

SeaShield™ - Liquid Crab, Fish and Shrimp Concentrate

SeaShield™ is a cold processed liquid crab, fish, and shrimp concentrate.

SeaStim™ - Seaweed / Kelp Extract

SeaStim™ is a liquid kelp extract that has been developed from specific kelp sources not commonly used in crop production. SeaStim™ is not manufactured with the usual chemical extraction methods, but is produced with a mechanical, cold process, which maintains the potency of its natural compounds. 

SeaStim™ incentivizes root growth and encourages a cytokinin to auxin ratio in the plant, which equates to higher blossom set and less abortion of maturing fruit. With stronger and larger roots, plants will also be more efficient in uptake of applied nutrition.