Dry Fertilizers

Keystone Bio-Ag has developed a nutritional management program with which it is now possible to produce plants that are resistant to diseases and insects.


Supplying the nutritional support that a plant needs is the key to exceptional plants. 0-0-9 is a pelletized product consisting of 9% Potassium, 8.1% Calcium, 4.6% Magnesium, 12.5% Sulfur, .63% Boron, .05% Copper, .10% Manganese, and .15% Zinc. Used mainly for a dry corn planter hopper application at 150-200 lbs. per acre. 

3-3-1 Cycle

It’s a well-known fact that about 20 minerals are essential for plant function and growth. However, one of the things not so well understood is that minerals are supplied in different forms, some of which are more effective, pound for pound, than others. 3-3-1 Cycle are derived from dead microbes (microbes release their minerals when they die) and are about eight times more effective as soluble NPK fertilizers. 

Aeromaster Humus Compost

The higher the soil’s humus content, the more minerals it can hold in reserve without leaching, which means that the soil will be able to supply more of the plant’s nutritional needs. Aeromaster Humus Compost is organic- humified compost that increases the humus content of the soil, enriches soil in which microbes and plants can interact and thrive in a symbiotic relationship, and increases biology. Results that we commonly see are better weed control, increased mineral uptake, and better soil structure.

Because of its high humus content and holding capacity, we include Aeromaster Humus Compost in all our dry blends. 

Aeromaster Premium Blend

Aeromaster Premium Blend was formulated when needed a convenient, all-in-one dry blend for their greenhouse, high tunnel, and garden to supply their plant needs.

Aeromaster Premium Blend is a proprietary blend of Aeromaster Humus Compost, rock minerals, and Bio-Char commonly deficient and needed in these unique situations. 


Carbon is an essential element in the soil that can be supplemented by adding Bio-Char. 

Boric Acid

Boron is essential for root strength and good fruit formation. Boric Acid is a highly available, 17% boron product that should be blended with Aeromaster Humus Compost and added annually in fields to enrich soil.

Cycle Plus™ 5-5-3


Humates have a strongly magnetic chelating and nutrient holding effect, which has a significant impact on mineral availability and growth for plants. Farmers commonly use Humates in mushroom greenhouses to stimulate strong fungal growth, and in fields to prevent nutrient leaching and increase mineral availability. 

LCP Blend

Redox potential determines nutrient availability, carbon sequestration, and the disease suppressive effect in the soil. 

LCP Blend is a blend that makes use of the Redox effect to stabilize nitrogen, sequester carbon, and increase soil vitality. It should be applied in the fall for best results, but can also be used any time of year to stabilize manure or nitrogen applications. 


Lime is a good material to enrich soil through calcium content. However, lime has been grossly overused in some areas and may not be needed for producing commercial fruits and vegetables.

Lime is the cheapest thing around if you need it to raise the pH or calcium levels, but only if both need adjusting, as it’s calcium carbonate — two different materials bonded together. As long as these two are bonded together, the calcium is not available to the plant. 

When calcium is high on the soil test, consider adding other products like sulfur, boron, or silica to increase the availability of calcium. 

Micro Hume

Trace minerals are essential for crop production.

Micro Hume is a very good organic corn starter, pelletized for easy application. It contains Calcium 5%, Sulfur 8%, Boron 2%, Copper 1%, Manganese 2%, and Zinc 3% and humates. Use in corn planter dry hoppers at 70-100 lbs. per acre. 

Nutri Blend

Potassium Sulfate

Potassium is the sugar transport engine. 

Potassium Sulfate (0-0-50) can be applied at a rate of 100-200 lbs. per acre on soils that are low on Potassium. 

Sulfur 90

Sulfur 90 is a good source of sulfur (90%) when used with Aeromaster Humus Compost. This is important because the sulfur needs to be changed into the sulfate form before it’s available for plant uptake. This process is hard on biology and burns up carbon. We discovered that when we mix sulfur with highly magnetic Aeromaster Humus compost and other high-energy volcanic minerals, the conversion happens in the pile almost instantly. 

Spring applications: Sulfur 90 should not be used at more than 40 lbs. per acre in the spring because too much sulfur at this time will tend to make a nitrogen deficiency.  In fall, Sulfur 90 may be used at 100-300 lbs. per acre to help reduce the pH of the soil. The important thing to remember about fall application rates is that it should be combined with three times as much Aeromaster Humus Compost as Sulfur 90 to prevent some shock on the soil’s biology. 

Super Sequence

Calcium is like the master switch that controls everything else. 

Super Sequence focuses on soil calcium availability but does not contain large amounts of calcium in the blend, but rather a blend of the minerals that enhance calcium availability; sulfur, silica, and boron in addition to Aeromaster Humus Compost. 

Super Sequence responds well on all soil types and is applied at 300 to 400 pounds per acre, or 9-10 pounds per 1000 square feet. Do not apply in greenhouses or tunnels without consultant advice.