Biological Inoculants

Our nutritional management program helps commercial fruit and vegetable farmers produce disease- and insect-resistant plants.

BioCoat Gold™ - Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculant

In the first few weeks of plant development, seedlings benefit more from partnerships with endomycorrhizal fungi than from mineral fertility. This is because the mycelial network draws in moisture and nutrients that the plant's very small root system can't reach yet.

BioCoat Gold™ is an effective seed treatment that speeds germination, increases seedling vigor, and builds robust root systems. This helps plants grow through stresses, preventing yield loss. To make BioCoat Gold™, selected endomycorrizhae strains are blended with ultra-fine calcium, humates and diverse seaweed species. These ingredients foster an ideal growth environment in the soil directly surrounding the seed. Endomycorrhizal fungi perform like supplemental roots directly feeding any plant they are connected to, and also form larger interconnected networks that enable nutrient and moisture uptake.

Commercial farmers have seen excellent results using BioCoat Gold™ on cover crops, grain crops, and vegetables. BioCoat Gold is the simplest and most economical way to coat your fields in life.

Micro 5000™ - Microbial Plant Inoculant

Soil fertility often cannot be amended in time to make effective corrections during one short season. But plants are able to absorb nutrients through the surface cells and stomata of their foliage, and foliar feeding is a fast and effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies, or supplement any fertility program. 

Micro 5000™ is a scientifically formulated combination of beneficial microbes and plant nutrients derived from sea plants for orchards, vegetable crops, vineyards, and more.  Used as a foliar, the microbial addition to foliage increases atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus absorption rates of the plant leaves, reducing the amount of supplemental nutrients needed. Fruit farmers and vegetable farmers can use Micro 5000™ several times throughout the growing season for additional nutritional support of the crop.

OP-8™ - Chemical Residue Digester

Chemical residue dramatically limits plant strength by restricting uptake of plant minerals, restraining microbial activity, and limiting root growth. Microbes and roots simply do not thrive in toxic chemical environments. 

OP-8 contains microbes that digest the chemical residue and make the minerals available to supply plant growth and fruiting energy. 

Pepzyme Clear™ - Liquid Enzyme Enhancer

Pepzyme Clear™ is a high quality, stable liquid enzyme enhancer. Pepzyme Clear™ enhances the growth and metabolism of plant growth promoting microorganisms to break down organic matter and make soil nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more, available to plants in the forms they can absorb.

Spectrum™ - Microbial Soil Inoculant

Spectrum™ contains a multiple species blend of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and other beneficial plant growth promoting microorganisms (PGPs). The beneficial soil-based microorganisms in Spectrum™ break down and release vital nutrients (such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more) stored in soil particles, enriching soil and making the nutrients more readily available to plants in forms they can absorb.

Spectrum DS™ - Microbial Soil Inoculant

Spectrum DS™ (formerly Spectrum Extra™) is designed for use in drought-stressed, high salinity soils. Blended with an emphasis on drought- and salt-tolerant microorganisms, Spectrum DS can help mitigate these damaging effects and allow crops to thrive in harsh environments. 

Spectrum PSB™ - Microbial Soil Inoculant

Spectrum PSB is a formulation that includes phosphorus- solubilizing bacteria (PSB). Phosphorus that is present in the soil tends to dissipate quickly by leaching into water, becoming biologically bound in organic forms, or forming insoluble complexes, which the plant cannot process. The phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria (PSB) found in Spectrum PSB break down these bound or insoluble forms of phosphorus, making them available for use by the plant.