Animal Nutrition

Our nutritional management program helps commercial fruit and vegetable farmers produce disease- and insect-resistant plants.

MagCo Plus™

Digesting protein is the opposite of building proteins. Enzymes and enzyme cofactors are as critical for the digestion process as they are in protein synthesis. When a plant doesn’t have sufficient trace minerals, it cannot be strong. 

Likewise, when enzymes and enzyme cofactors are missing in an animal's diet, digestion and feed conversion suffers.

MagCo Plus™ is loaded with 86 minerals and gives the digestive system a lift by providing enzymes and micronutrients as enzyme cofactors.

Improved feed conversions, better animal vigor higher production and reduction of somatic cell count, are reports we get all the time from livestock and poultry operations feeding MagCo Plus™.

MagCo Plus™ is a true liquid and can be injected into water or mixed with feed. 

Xcite™ - Liquid Feed Supplement

Feed efficiency and strength is at its peak when a cow’s rumen is functioning properly. 

Xcite™ is a high-energy feed supplement with carbon that focuses on rumen strength and will eliminate mold and mycotoxin issues. Increasing the rumen balance helps to improve feed efficiency and increase energy — two of the biggest limiting factors on a dairy herd. Some see increased milk production and lower Somatic Cell Count. Some farmers have even been able to reduce protein supplementation while increasing milk production. 

Xcite also serves as a toxin binder. Toxins are common problem in agriculture today, and leads to reproductive failure and many other challenges. In almost all of these cases, milk production increases by a few pounds — after Xcite™ is being fed.