for Nutrition & Flavor

In everything we do, we take a different approach than mainstream agriculture. We work with nature rather than against it.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow vigorously and prosper!

What We Do

We believe that diseases and insects are not the problem, yet merely a symptom of nutritional imbalances. We need to discover and resolve the reason why plants don’t have a functional immune system.

Keystone Bio-Ag has developed a nutritional management program that helps fruit farmers and vegetable farmers produce plants that are resistant to diseases and insects. This model, when implemented properly, will produce great tasting food and feed with high nutritional value. Our process enables farmers to practice sustainable agriculture, by enriching soil, and and reducing or eliminating harmful chemical applications.

As agriculture consultants, we stand by our belief in sharing knowledge, inspiration, and active research though our Regenerative Agriculture Handbook, educational meetings, quarterly newsletters, and personal on-farm or phone consultations. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow vigorously and prosper.